Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attempting to get Christmas card pictures!

Story of my life! Does everyone have this much trouble getting 4 people to look in the same direction with a decent smile on their face? 
I had to bribe them with candy! 
We're getting there...
Typical Carley...she empties all her drawers and puts on everything she can! 

Snow White and the 'Eight' Dwarfs

Bradford was the Huntsman and the Handsome Prince in the pre-school play. 
He and Sophie are really good friends!
Kissing friends! :)

Halloween is fun for adults too!

I did not cut my is just pinned up.
Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! They worked so hard creating these costumes out of any old piece of technology they could find! They had working lights and everything!


First time curling her hair. She sat so still and loved being Miss Priss! 
He started out with the same costume from last year but then got a new one from MawMaw and he liked it better...a racecar driver.

Bradford's great friend from church

Pumpkin Patch

Carley got scared when we turned the lights out and only the candle light was shining through.
He loved helping Daddy carve
Pumpkin was unseasonably hot!

Birthday and fun activities

Bradford started preschool this Fall and loves it! He has done very well!
We took him to see Thomas the Train again. Wow, he loves trains! 

So studious! 
Carley's new Dora house she got for her birthday. She is a good little cook and loves to serve tea.

Birthday time!

Think he likes presents?!
Carley and her "Meggie"! She kept Carley from 6 months until 2 years of age.
Taking cupcakes to day care
Bradford was a great help! The only problem was he licked his fingers after each one and then I had to wash his hands over and over! 
First day at day care. It took her a week or so to adjust. She missed Megan! 

Niagara Falls-Hillsong Conference

We took the youth band to Toronto for a Hillsong Conference. It was so fun! 

My baby is growing up!

Sharing ice cream with Mommy! 
She LOVES sweets! We have to watch her because she will sneak and eat as much as she can! 
New Big Girl Bed!
On her way to in hand ready to play!
Last time in her crib...oh so sad!

Trip to San Antonio to visit Jonathan and Amy

They were GREAT on the plane! Carley covered everyone and everything in stickers and Bradford played with his airplanes. 
Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Amy and cousin Kristin. 

It was so hot. We just put the kids in the backyard with the water hose and eventually my kids had no clothes on! 

Youth Camp

We moved into Youth Camp with J.B. for a couple of weeks and I just worked from there and had help with the kids. It was great fun!
Bradford loved climbing but hated getting dirty! Carley on the other hand couldn't get dirty enough! 
Grandmother Sink and Carley
Uncle Nathan came home from Oklahoma for a week and brought his new girl friend, Heather. 

The Royal Hurt Family

They love to pretend to be a Prince and a Princess. 

She had a ball making her crown!
Best Buds...well most of the time :)